Comics I’ve read June 17th and 25th

Comic thoughts for the 17h and 24th of June

Uncanny Avengers 5: Rick Reminder is a polarizing writer, you either like or you don’t. He writes good dialogue, but his stories often leave me confused. Uncanny Avengers 5 finishes his first arc and I’m baffled as the direction of the series. It didn’t feel like a team book, more like a bunch of friends with solo adventures. I’ll be giving it two more issues, but I might be dropping it.

Flash 41: The Flash under Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato was one of my favourite comics, so when they left the title I was rather upset. Robert Venditti and Van Jensen’s take on the character, while still entertaining isn’t the home run that it once was. This starts a new story line with the return of Professor Zoom and Barry’s father breaking out of Iron Heights to protect his son. I haven’t been enjoying the new direction as much as I’d hope, but it’s still an interesting read for non fans alike.

Deathstroke 7: Deathstroke has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. He’s as overpowered as they come and exists because all companies need to have an unstoppable badass killing machine. Issue 7 kicks off the God Killer story line, in which a down on his luck Slade accepts a risky job for some quick cash. Instead of an introspective title about Slade reflecting on his life, we have Slade carving up people like a Christmas ham. Subtle isn’t on the menu here, but then it’s an ultraviolet comic book. If you like violence over story, then check it out.

Ms Marvel 16: A secret Wars tie that is a fun read. I like the direction of it, focusing more on the street level and how people react to cosmic level events. Which I guess is the secret ability of Ms Marvel. If you want your faith restored in humanity, then check it out, as the end of the world comes and young people band together. It’s not essential reading, but you could do worse then read it.

Battleworld: Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies. One of the more surprising aspects of a tie is being pleasantly surprised by the book. I wasn’t expect wild west Hank Pym to appear but the fact that he has and the last few pages have at least intrigued me enough to continue buying it. Hank Pym is sentenced to go over the Shield where Zombies and Ultron units fight it out. If you’re not interested in Secret Wars or collecting tie ins then this wont win you over, but if you’re looking for a different story check it out.

Howard The Duck: Quite possibly the only comic title to come out of a sting from a movie. Howard the Duck is a cult character that is hard to recommend. On one hand, a talking duck comic that doesn’t take itself or the marvel universe seriously is great, but it’s still a talking duck comic. If you’re looking for some thing unique, check it out, but if you like your comics serious, then best avoid.

Moon Knight: A quick read, mostly all action, but if the idea of a slightly more violent version of Batman who may or may not be crazy isn’t your bag then you wont dig Moon Knight. However if you’re looking for a surreal comic with great action, then you could do worse.

Martian Manhunter: Holy Retcon Batman! Yeah I’m not sold on this bold new direction of my favourite Martian, turning him from hero to weapon. However the writing is top-notch, and so is the art. The look of pain on Manhunter’s face as called runs from him calling him a monster after he saved their lives is amazing. The Martian race is still alive and coming to Earth. Who new? Check it out if you’re looking for some thing different to read.

Secret Six. This is a book I could get behind if it came out to any recognisable schedule. There is a good mix of character and action, with Gail Simone’s twisted sense of humour. The six though don’t really come across as likeable, and the old writing trick of “yeah they’re bad, but these guys are even worse” does wear a little thin. It’s good, but fans of Gail Simone should need only apply.

Bucky barnes: Winter Soldier 9. I’ll admit I’m loving this series because it’s about as far removed from the Marvel Universe as it can be. It has a unique, if some times muddy art style and a really great sci-fi story. If you like Sci-Fi stories you could do worse than checking out Bucky Barnes, winter solder.

God Hates Astronauts 9: Another title that is difficult to recommend. Not because it’s not good, but because it’s just so weird. It has an air of weirdness to it that is refreshing, and the story never goes in the direction you think it is. That said it’s a gross, borderline offensive comic. If you’re easily offended or just plain hate “weird” stuff then give it a miss. But you like your comics weird with black humour then check it out. Just keep it out of the hands of kids.

G.I.Joe A.R.A.H. 215: After last months all silent issue, the story picks up again with Sean Collions becoming Snake Eyes, which was telegraphed two issues ago. G.I.Joe has never really been new reader friendly, stuck firmly in the old marvel writing style which is great. Larry Hama often writes in the long form, which means story lines don’t pay off until several issues down the track, which while frustrating, make for a richer story. If you are going to jump on board, this issue would be the best time to do it. Next month kicks of the long form so if you’re coming aboard the G.I.Joe train, now would be the time to do it.


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