Batman Volume 5 Dark city review

Batman Volume 5 Dark city review
Writer Scott Snydor Artist Greg Capullo


Batman ZY cover
I may not use guns, but the jury is still out on Bows

Scott Snydor is a writer with big ideas and long tales. When he first started writing Batman, his first story, “Court of Owls” ran for 11 issues. His side project, “The Wake” with Sean Murphy was ten issues, split into two parts. So when it was revealed that he was rewriting Batman’s origin, it should come as no surprise that is was originally slated to be thirteen issues long. In the end it was knocked down to just twelve issues, with issue twenty eight being a promotional issue for the up coming Batman eternal series.

The question is though is it any good? The answer to that is yes it is. Volume five contains issues 25 to 33, skipping 28 and picks up after the Batman has taken down the Red Hood gang, which happened in the pervious volume. What follows is Batman trying to decipher the rantings of Ed Nygma while protecting a city he has just come home too, while a super storm is brewing. It’s full of big ideas and is a well executed story.

One of the things you need to remember when reading a Scott Syndor story is he plants seeds in his stories that bear fruit later. For example, issue 25 opens up with a military convoy in a desert, but isn’t referenced until much later on. The entire Year Zero story is filled with these moments, that made little sense if you read them individually but if you read the entire collection in one sitting, the little tit bits make much more sense.

After 75 years and countless origin stories about Batman, you may be casting a wry eye on the zero year story as unnecessary and bloated. While the world wasn’t asking for another take on Batman’s origin, it certainly interesting enough to warrant checking out if you’re a fan of Batman. The art is top notch, the writing is great as always and it’s a story that deserves to be read in one sitting. How much you’ll enjoy the story depends on how much you like Batman. If you’re the type of person who loves the Bat, you’ll find this new origin the cats pajamas. If on the other hand you find Batman boring then you want be swayed by this story. Personally, Batman, Superman and Spider-Man’s origins stories have been done to death, and while i think Zero Year was unnecessary, it still is great read.


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