Orignal Sin Review

Written By Jason Aaron and Art by Mike Deodato

Writing event comics can be a tricky business, seeing as how all the major story lines have been done already. We’ve had alien invasions, dead coming back to life, civil wars and infestation so to have an event based around a murder is a real gear change. The murder in question is Uuta the Watcher, who Fury and the Avengers find on the moon dead with his eyes carved out of his head. The set up was masterful, with only a limited number of people knowing the Watcher was on the moon, and not all of them were “bad guys” so almost any one could’ve done it. The unfortunate aspect of most murder mysteries is the set up is only as good as the pay off.


There is a sub plot involving various characters, Black Panther Emma Frost, Moon Knight etc splitting up into different teams investigating various places that are filled with dead bodies. Giant monsters, gods from various realms and even a planet, all dead at the hands of some one or some thing. The pairings are all random, but one, the Punisher and Dr Strange results in the sort of odd couple story that I’d be keen on reading.

While the major antagonists are surprising and rarely used, Dr Midas and Exterminatrix who have only shown up a handful of times before, and the silly “The Orb” a man with a giant eyeball as a head. The fact that these lesser known villains come across as terrifying lies solely at the feet of Jason Aaron, who has a knack of taking under-devolped characters and using them to their fullest characterisation.

The art work is top notch as well, Mike Deodato is on top form, giving the event a different kind of feel. His renditions of the characters is fantastic, and you can see the world weariness of the characters. His spacesuit designs though. are a little hokey, as they just look more like exoskeletons then proper suits. It doesn’t even look like Luke Cage is wearing gloves in space, which is a little strange.

Though it is called Orignal Sin, the series could’ve just as easily been called “RetCon the event!” as most of the characters involved all have had a deep and dark secret exposed, that while not really ground breaking as is the case with Daredevil, others don’t fair so well. While it is an events prerogative to shake things ups, changing the back stories of long established characters may not be for every one.

Is it any good? It was my first marvel event that I collected the monthlies for and for my money, I enjoyed the entire thing. It had it’s big moments, some fantastic dialogue and the sum of its parts land firmly in the win column for me. Plus it give me a glimpse at what could’ve been the break out hit of 2015 Punisher/ Dr Strange team up comic.

original-sin-4a Pun and Strange


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