Comics to TV shows I’d like to see.

Comic books to TV shows seems all the rage now, what with shows like Arrow, Daredevil and The Walking Dead tearing up the smaller screen, and others like Powers of Supergirl either finished it’s first season, like Powers or incoming like Supergirl, hasn’t started yet. So what’s next for the world of comics to TV screen? Below are my suggestions.


Exiles: The Exiles were a beloved favourite of mine, and dealt with a band of heroes, mostly mutants plucked from various time lines and told they have to save the world. Led by Age of Apocalypse’s Blink, they bounded around the multiverse and encountered various worlds. A world in which the Skrulls had taken over the Earth and pit the heroes in gladiator style combat, The Avengers as vampires etc. It was a book full of potential, which was squandered in its later years. While the book dealt mostly with mutants, the very nature of the book meant that any hero or villain would be a perfect fit for the show.


B.P.R.D. The book that Hellboy made famous, the B.P.R.D. deals mostly with supernatural events while working for the Government of the U.S.A and some times the U.N. If you merged Supernatural and N.C.I.S. together, then you’d have the type of show B.P.R.D. would be. It could be one of the most genuinely terrifying shows on TV.


Checkmate: Checkmate is the sort of show I’d be keen on watching. It’s spies with super powers set in the DC universe. While it was handled by Max Lord, who is most famous for taking control of Superman and forcing Wonder Women to snap his neck, the setting should be when Mister Terrific et el where in charge. The main protagonist would be Kobra, naturally, and you could have a slew of cameos, much like the show Arrow.

G.I.Joe: Yeah there have been two movies, but G.I.Joe works better as a TV show. There are loads of characters to choose from, the bad guys are menacingly enough


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