It doesn’t matter if Hercules is bisexual, what matters is content.

It seems a certain marvel Editor has caused a brouhaha over his statement that Hercules in the 616 universe is straighter then a broom handle, this is despite historical evidence that the myth of Hercules was bisexual. This has upset some in certain circles who feel that this isn’t the traditional version of Hercules that existed in our world. They have a point, but they should also know that Iron Man doesn’t exist in our world so using our bases of myth for a fictional world is sort of problematic. I have no problem with Hercules being straight in the 616, because at some point some one else can come along and change it. But there is a caveat to this statement.

If Marvel wants Hercules to be straight, that’s fine. But they need to promote more Bi and Gay characters in his place. See as a creator, Marvel has a responsibility to ensure that all demographics are covered. How many of the new Marvel books coming out will have a LBGT character in them? I mean we’re getting a Karnak series, so why not a Hulking and Wiccan miniseries? It’s one thing to say a character is straight and will be straight without offering up other alternatives.

It’s not just Marvel doing this as well. DC has some really kick ass females characters who are just wasting away. Vixen, Ice, Fire, Zatana, Hawk Woman. If you throw in Batwoman then you have a great starting place for a female Justice League. Don’t want to call it that? Fine, then have the current line up and have Wonder Women conscript them as Amazons.

And before we get to the old adage that the book wont sell because blah blah blah. The counter argument is, why not wait and see? If you don’t try new things, then the market becomes stagnate. In this day and age the only reason why companies shouldn’t be creating books based on LBGT or centered around women is the fear of the success they’ll cause. To paraphrase Mr Rogers, “those who create have responsibilities.” In this case it’s to ensure that people who are LGBT or women folk have their heroes on display and proud of who they are. To deny them a hero they can identify with is not only poor form, but scrapping the bottom of the excuse barrel. So Marvel, DC and other comic companies. I have a challenge for you. Prove me wrong. I’ll be waiting.


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