Was the Fantasic Four doomed from the start

Fantastic Four has opened to a lacklustre opening and worse reviews. Having seen it myself, albeit on cheap Tuesday, I can say it’s not as bad as people think it is. I mean it’s not great, and I wont be rushing out to get it on DVD, but it’s not a terrible movie.


If you really want to see what a terrible movie looks like go download “The Room” or Duffy: The talking cat. Both are examples of terrible movies. The former, made by some one who doesn’t understand story structure, and the latter made by some one who had a 40 minute idea and stretched it out over 100 minutes. No, the Fantastic Four movie is a different kind of movie. A movie that could have been great, but sadly failed. So what went wrong?


Well I think the casting is mostly spot on. Michael B. Jordan is a blast as Johny Storm, Kate Mara was good as Sue Storm and Miles Teller was fine Reed Richards. Jamie Bell, while he remains human comes more across more as sleep walking then acting, which is a shame. Toby Kebbel as Doom was a fine performance, and Reg E Cathey again fine as Franklin Storm. That’s the thing though, all the performances were fine, but hardly memorable.


The plot doesn’t feel like there is any thing there though, skipping from act 1 to act 3 and then finishing up rather quickly. The entire movie was only made to prevent Marvel getting the rights back, or so that’s what the story is. In fact, the entire thing feels like the first half of a decent movie, and a bit longer with a better plot and it could have been, dare I say it fantastic.


I think one of the problems is that people were writing the movie off before it even came out. Cracked.com, a fantastic site in own right would have at least an article a month bagging the movie out before it even would come out. Once is fine, but it felt as if they’d made it their mission to destroy the movie’s credibility. See if you expect some thing is going to be terrible, then nothing will change your opinion on it. I had low expectations, and while I wasn’t blown away, I wasn’t disappointed either. It felt like an entree to an even better meal. With news that the planned Fantastic Four sequel is going a head regardless of the box office, and I am at least looking forward to it.


Fantastic Four has always been about exploration and hope, about not giving up in the face of adversity, always finding an answer. It’s always been a goofy series, and it remains one of the few comic franchises that doesn’t need to go all doom and gloom to be entertaining. But Sony if I may, can you at least hire a director with a clear vision this time please?


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