Comic book movie casting ideas.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, or an outer space visitor reading this, (In that case, hello to our new overlords)  comic book movies are now in vogue, and there is a back catalog of characters just dying to get turned into a sliver screen interpretation. Below are my picks for characters who need to appear and who should play them.

Agent VenomAgent Venom: Agent Venom is the Venom symbiote grafted onto an American service person. In the comics it was Flash Thompson, bully to Peter Parker but an admirer of Spider-Man. Flash would serve in the U.S. armed forces, lose both legs and becme an alcoholic, because if our heroes don’t have a tragic back story we wouldn’t find them interesting. He gains the Venom suit and becomes a sort of Spider-Man with guns, does jobs for the American Government as a Super Soldier while taking on B and C list villains. The hook is that Flash is looking to Spider-Man for inspiration, and wishes at one point to have Spider-Man’s blessing and fight crime as the new Spider-Man. He is more of an anti-hero butit would make for more interesting stories rather than Eddie Brock’s Venom.
Who would play him: Because Flash is a minor character I don’t see why you couldn’t change him to another race. Wood Harris, who played Avon Birksdale in “The Wire” would be my first pick followed by Gbenga Akinnagbe, who played Christ Partlow in “The Wire” also.

This sums up comics from the 90’s quite nicely.

Cable: Cable is the time traveling mutant son of Scott Summers and Madeleine Pyor, who was a clone of Jean Grey. His history is way more confusing, so read this link as it explains it better than I ever could. With talk that Cable could be the villain of the next Deadpool movie it does make sense. Cable’s a fluid character, able to be portrayed as a villain or hero depending on the story with the excuse of “it’s important that I do this because the future is at stake, damn the consequences”. Cable is a world-weary fighter, with a giant cybernetic arm thanks to a virus and telekinesis as his mutant power.
Who would play him: Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be ideal to play Cable. He’s done world-weary as the Comedian from Watchmen and he’s be a good fit for a time traveler. Maybe you could throw in Jensen Ackles as cyclops for a bit fan service wink.

ArcadeArcade: Arcade is a utility villain who has faced the second most Marvel heroes behind Doctor Doom, which is quite impressive. What’s less impressive is how he always manages to lose at the end of the story. The best thing about Arcade and his Murder World is that, unlike Doom, he can be adapted to fit any story, from street level player like Luke Cage and Iron fist to A list heroes like Captain America.
Who would play him: Conan O’Brian. If you’re unfamiliar with Conan, he’s the perfect cackling coward that makes Arcade such a brilliant bad guy. Canon’s Arcade would crack jokes and be the kind of bad guy you can’t help but cheer when he gets beaten up

X-23X-23 Laura Kinney: X-23 is basically a teenage girl version of Wolverine. Except she struggles to believe she has a soul, because she is a clone. She has claws, two in her hands, one in each foot, super sense, healing factor. She’s already a prepackaged strong female character. How has this not happened yet.
Who Would play her: Marie Avgeropoulos would be perfect. Known mostly from “The 100”, she already looks the part, and could bring an innocence to a (some times) feral character.


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