G.I.Joe should get a decent video game


Being a big fan of G.I.Joe, I’ve come to accept certain things about life. It’ll never be the best selling comic, for example. Another aspect that I’ve sadly come to terms with is that they’ll never be a Triple A title for G.I.Joe in the video game world. By that I mean a G.I.Joe game that says it in the title. The up coming War Chest game looks fantastic, but sadly isn’t G.I.Joe exclusive. Think about it for a second. The problem inherit with G.I.Joe is the view from the outside, it’s Call of Duty the comics book, except with crazier villains.

Not to mention that the Call of Duty video games already have the market locked down with U.S. Armed forces against an evil super terrorist group. Advance Warfare could’ve replaced Kevin Spacey with Cobra Commander for the same effect. So what can be done with my favourite franchise? In fact that is one way to make Advance Warfare more enjoyable is if you pretend Atlas is really Cobra.

So if a G.I.Joe game were to be made, where would you start? The main strength of the Joe series is in the characters. There are dozens of them and so like Transformers you don’t have to worry about creating a protagonist for a game. For some this would be Snake Eyes, and unstoppable bad-ass super ninja who uses an Uzi, which to me neglects the main roster. Plus Snake Eyes already has his own game, so there is that.

The second strength is the fact that it comes preloaded with vehicles. From tanks, to jets to boats almost all manor of vehicles are there in the pages, so scale wouldn’t be a problem. It could as big as the designers want it to.

For all intents and purposes, the game “The Outfit” was a largely forgettable World War 2 set third person game in which you played as one of three heroes who could call in support items, such as machines gun emplacements and tanks to help you do battle. It was a template that could be used for a G.I.Joe to great effect.

But barring that what game would I make using the G.I.Joe license? A MOBA. See the G.I.Joe franchise, like Transformers lends itself to the idea of total war. Lands, Sea and Air. You could make the game as simple as putting two teams for 5 against each other with the sole purpose of destroying the base. Yes, there wouldn’t really be a story line but so what? That doesn’t really matter with some games. A MOBAs story is patch work at best, and Unreal Tournament has shown that a strong single player story isn’t needed as long as the game play is fantastic.

As you leveled up in game you’d unlock perks for your character, based on their role, from soldier, support etc. Weapons and attachments could be added to your character as well, from more ammo pouches to better accuracy.

So come on Hasbro, you have a golden license that you can print money with. Please don’t let the best G.I.Joe video game of recent years be a re-skinned ipad touch game with Snake Eyes beating up ninjas. At the very least, throw as a bone and give us another Ipad based game. Just keep DnA studios away from it. You could hardly call their last effort a game.


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