The name’s Elba, Idris Elba

So with Spectre being the last Bond movie Daniel Craig there is talk about who could be the next Bond. My money, for what’s it’s worth should be Idris Elba. For those of you who don’t know him, one of his most famous role was an American Drug kingpin called Russell “Stringer” Bell from “The Wire” and is also known as Heimdall from the Thor movies. He is a fantastic actor who really should be given the chance to play Bond.

There are those who believe he shouldn’t be cast as Bond because he’s of Aftrerican decent but my question is, does that really matter any more? Now granted if this was the first adaptation then one should stick to the source material as close as possible, but this clearly isn’t the case anymore. And again to be fair, this isn’t some minor character whose skin colour doesn’t matter, like Brains from the new Thunderbirds show. This is a main character we’re talking about, but again why should it matter.

For those playing at home, we’ve had 6 white males playing the role of Bond, and with the exception of George Lazenby all were great actors. To be fair Mr. Lazenby’s acting was fine, but hardly noteworthy. The fact is, Idris Elba wouldn’t look out of place as Bond because of how often the role changes hands. There is the fan theory that James Bond is just a code name for the agent, a pre-built life to make it easy to get in and out of a country and to protect any surviving family members.

Idris Elba has the screen presence to be a fantastic Bond, and is an amazing actor. He can be street tough like in Rock and Rolla, businessman like in the “The Wire”, giant robot pilot in Pacific Rim to alcoholic monk from Ghost Rider spirit of Vengeance. To deny the man the chance to play one of cinemas iconic roles based on the colour of his skin is a ridiculously outdated concept. The role itself should go to who is the most talented person who can pull it off, and Mr Elba would be a perfect fit for it.

So best of luck Mr. Elba, I hope you get the role and kill it. You deserve it.


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