Advice for those who don’t like diverse books: Don’t read them.

There seems to me that a storm erupts if you try to change the status quo with comic books. If you have an established team book, like the Justice League or the Avengers, any change to the line up is some times met with pent up aggression that should be reserved to horrifying tragedies and grand finals of sports. I for one don’t quite understand this mindset. The All new Marvel line up’s flag ship Avengers book is amazing because there is only one white male on the team. The other team books, fair slightly less well, Uncanny Avengers 3/5 with the white males in the majority but New Avengers picks up the slack there.

Do I like all these line ups on the teams? No, but that’s okay. Marvel, DC and any other companies aren’t just hoping you’ll buy their book, they’re hoping that hundreds of others will, and that’s where the teams come from. A diverse range of books means a diverse range of readers.

If you’re not a fan of one or two of the characters, that’s cool, you’re not meant to like all of the characters in existence. I can not get excited about Jason Todd if I tried, much the same way about the Joker now. You can be unhappy that your favourite character isn’t being used in a line up but these books need to happen. Different characters in books mean more exposure, and a chance for them to become a fan favourite.

Comics aren’t just for guys any more, women, gays and I’m sure pets would read them if they could. We need a diverse line up to reflect society. How many times has the Avengers flagship title been top heavy with white dudes? Or even the Justice League? Or any other team book out there. I’m not talking about quotas either. The reason a person should be on a team is because it fits the dynamic the writer was going for and to tell interesting stories. Having the same people on teams means the same stories get told, and who wants that?

At the end of the day diverse books with the right writers can mean more interesting stories and in a business of telling stories, isn’t that what matters most? But if all you can do is sit back and rant about a particular book, then the solution to your problem is simple. Don’t buy it, and spend your money on some thing else.


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