3 Things a G.I.Joe reboot needs to avoid.

There have been many different interpretations of G.I.Joe over the years, which makes sense considering the G.I.Joe I know and love has been around since 1982 in some form or another. We’ve had the classic, if dated cartoon, Valor Vs. Venom, Spy Force, G.I.Joe resolute and Sigma 6, as well as the various comic interpretations. With that in mind, if IDW, or any other comic company for that matter ever plan on creating another G.I.Joe comic, either set in their own universe which ended with the Karen Traviss ‘Fall of G.I.Joe” which contained hardly any G.I.Joe references, or rebooted again from scratch, here are 3 things I would like excised from the series.

3: Avoid the infighting of Cobra.

Drama as they say can happen from internal and external sources. Over the years, Cobra has been portrayed as fragmented on several occasions, where every one is trying to advance their own career. In the Devils Due book, we had 3 leadership changes in Cobra High Command during the book’s run of 42 issues, which asks the question, how did they get any thing done? The bickering, snide, snarky comments made by High Command undermines what a villain group should be. If they’re not on the same page, how are they even scaryor a force to be reckoned with?

2: No more Origins.

One of the best aspects about the G.I.Joe Franchise is that it’s all there ready to go. You have a hero group, a villain group and you can make up whatever you need to. But, the thing is, we don’t need any origins of these characters. Do we really need to know that the Baroness was an unhappy child of rich parents? Pulling back the curtain does ruin the appeal of some characters. Not knowing who Cobra Commander is helps the character. He’s a disenfranchised person who got tired and tried to change things for himself. That’s all the back ground you need. Still if you must include an origin in the story, then look no further than G.I.joe 26-27. Both issues told the tale of Snake Eyes while also moving the overall story along. The same thing with issues 94-96 of the Marvel run, back story within a larger context work wonders. If done right, they can be enjoyable, but for the most part, best to leave them alone. Hey speaking of Snake Eyes, that brings me to point number 1

1: No more Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow.

Picture if you will a bowl of ice cream. You eat it and find it nice and refreshing. Then you look down the table and see ten more bowls of said ice cream that you had to eat. The ice cream is Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fighting. I know what you’re thinking, it’s great when they throw down, but that’s the thing they have thrown down at least 10 times already in the various comics and cartoons that have been produced. What was once exciting is now dull as dish water though over exposure. If any thing I would love for Storm Shadow to appear on the side of the Joes from the start with no one questioning his loyalty and as far removed from Snake Eyes for as long as possible.

I highly doubt another G.I.joe comic is coming alone any time soon. But if you’re only going to be presenting the same vision of G.I.Joe without changing certain aspects of it, then it will fail time and again.


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