A (Justice) League of their own.

The major event from DC comics this year was the Convergence book, and much like Marvel’s current event Secret War, it involved the world as they knew it ending. I bring it up because even though I picked up each book, and some of the tie ins, I found it to be rather unfulfilling as a story. However the Darksied War currently being waged in the in pages of the Justice League is more my jam.

For those who haven’t been reading that book, the Anti-Monitor who last appeared on Earth 3 has shown up looking to kill Darksied because of reasons. It has all the markings of an epic event, which it isn’t really. I mean technically it is because it has tie ins but it isn’t really considered an event in the same way an event is normally handled. That said it is the best kind of event, and one that should happen more often.

You see, all of the action is taking place in one main book with only 6 tie ins, mostly focusing on the new, new gods of the Justiuce League, such as Batman, Superman etc. It also has an epic story line that is worthy of it’s on event, but the fact that it is content to one book and spread out over however many issues means it’s a more streamlined book, one that isn’t bogged down by all the various tie ins that can come with an event. There is only 6, which is kind of refreshing.

The book itself has been building towards this ever since Forever Evil, which was also written by Geoff Johns, who is the writer of Justice League, and all the issues in between, from the League’s dust up with the Doom Patrol and the amazo virus had felt like filler. The entire series to be honest, hasn’t been this strong for a while, with mostly minor crossovers, like the throne of Atlantis, or the Forever Evil tie in issues bringing the series down.

Whether or not you’ll enjoy it depends on whether or not you like Darksied, Geoff John’s writing and the New Gods. But if you want to read an event comic without it being an event comic, then you could a heck of a lot worse.


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