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Indy round up.

If you’re like me, then you don’t really take notice of an artist unless he’s either really good or really bad, and even then it’s mostly less of a selling point behind the book and the author and even then it’s more of the concept that drives my purchase. I’d freely buy G.I.Joe regardless of whose writing it to be perfectly honest. I bring this up because I backed artist Gene Ha’s book Mae mostly because of an article on comicsallaince and it was a delightful read, of what there was of it.

It was a kickstarter book, and it was a tremendous read, especially for a first time writer such as Mr Ha. If you can, you should try to track down a copy because it has a good story and interesting character designs with the main characters being womenfolk who can take care of themselves. But as I said, it’s only 60 or some pages of story, which barely amounts to a cup of coffee, and the story ends just as it gets going, as if you’ve sat down at a fancy restaurant and ordered an entree thinking it was a main meal. It’s not bad, and it serves itself well as a teaser, I just wish there was more story out there, so perhaps it’s done it’s job quite well. There is more Mae coming out next year according to Gene Ha himself, so keep that in mind.

Eight: Outcast, by artist Rafael Albuquerque and writer Mike Johnson is a time travelling tale with a twisted narrative. The story is enjoyable with memorable characters and a great story, except that like with Mae, there isn’t a definitive sense of closure. It takes place over three time periods and a place called “The Meld” Each time period has its own colour scheme which is a great way to keep track of when the story takes place.

But like Mae, the story feels like it ended with some questions not being answered and some fates left unknown. There is a difference between an ambiguous ending and not answering questions you presented during your story. That said, the book is pretty strong, and if you enjoy time travel, stories set in an otherworld or just adventure stories in general, then you could do a lot worse then Eight: Outcast. Hopefully there is a future volume coming out with some more answers to it.

Injection, a comic by Warren Ellis and artist Declan Shalvey, is a fantastic read, but it is a little difficult to explain just what it is about. It’s set in a contemporary England and follows five people, one who may even be a wizard, as they go about a world in which increasing bizarre things have been occurring. It deals with a mashup of magic and occult, with explanations for both occurrences within the story.

If you’re a fan of the X-files, Supernatural or just a damn fine read then there is a lot of to like. It has great characters, pitch black humour and is one of the more “out there” books on the market. If you like Warren Ellis, it’s his normally brilliant self and it feels like a spiritual successor to his other fine book Planetary. While not a must read, should be on your radar.


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