James Bond returns.

Much has been said about Daniel Craig’s opinions on James Bond, which can be found online at various websites. The main point he wants to get across is that he considers James Bond misogynistic, which for those of you who don’t have a dictionary on hand basically means he hates or mistrusts women. While I don’t think Bond treats all the women he’s with particularly well, the Sean Connery era was rife with the attitudes of that era, as uneasy as they are now, to call him misogynistic is perhaps over reaching.

One aspect of this is the fact that the women he sleeps who are only ever in one Bond movie. The general idea is that Bond leaves them behind as he jets off around the world on another adventure. However what is there to say they were not the ones that ended it? Or that it was a brief and spirited affair, they did in most cases just save the world together, and that does put some people in the mood for it, or so I’m told.

The problem, as I see it lays with the script writer and, to a lesser extent Daniel Craig’s era of Bond. You see, in Casino Royale, he ends up with a women who already had a partner during the movie. In Skyfall, Bond has the, quite frankly creepy shower scene with the girl he just met at the casino in her own apartment. How that is not sending flags up in the mind of the scriptwriter as not okay is some thing I don’t get. Not only that but in Spectre, He then sleeps with a women who has just buried her husband. Look, yes I’m not making good points in the “Bond is not a misogynist” argument but all these examples happened under Mr Craig’s Bond.

The Bond movies do have a problem with women because there aren’t that many parts for them. Despite the bond ladies all being an expert in their fields, or in some cases his equal, they have only ever been two or three women in major roles, which is a shame. Hopefully the next Bond movie can change this, because in this day and age, not being very diverse is not only not reflective of the average audience, but down right boring. And if anyone really wants to be James Bond, well lets take a closer look at his life. He’s a British secret agent who is always tasked with difficult missions that involve shooting and being shot at by people, with one misstep dooming the world. He lives in a dark and lonely world with his only hobbies, drinking and gambling viewed as self-destructive. How that could be seen as a good life style is beyond me.


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