Wrestling with ratings.

So in case you haven’t been following the WWE lately, they’ve experienced some of their lowest ratings in as many years. Other smarter people then I have pointed out why this is bad so I’ll do what I do best and give out unsolicited free advice on a subject I’m barely knowledgeable about. Below are 3 aspects I’d work on to improve the overall product.

1: Aim for a target demographic and change your product to suit it.

One of the aspects of interviews from various management of the WWE all repeat the same refrain that they’re trying to appeal to everyone and that means there will be segments that don’t appeal to certain types of people. This is fair enough, but the thing is, appealing to a certain type of fan or demographic is what leads to success. Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max Fury Road are two latest blockbuster who did big business at the box office, and why was that?

Because they both knew their audience and made the movie for them and only them. Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t my type of movie, but then I wasn’t the demographic, but they still crafted an enjoyable movie. It wasn’t made with me in mind, but the fact it was enjoyable was a by product. The same goes with Mad Max. It was made for fans of violent, over the top action movies and fans of the original movies. It doesn’t pander to everyone because they know not everyone cares about it. Expendables 3 and the new Terminator movie tried to pander to the biggest audiences and instead you end up with a toothless movie. So in the WWE case you pick your audience and you aim for them. If you want the kids, then keep the lame comedy, if you want the adult males, ditch the lame comedy, but stop trying to appeal to everyone because it doesn’t work.

2: Make better use of your roster.

If you go to the WWE roster page and count up how many people they have there Vs. the number seen on Raw or Smackdown in any sort of meaningful matches, the numbers are usually the mid to top carders. While this makes sense on some levels because they bring in the ratings, but what’s the tpoint of having some of them if you don’t use them. Yes okay house shows are important to get acts over with fans. But if you don’t show the acts on TV, then how are fans meant to care about them at house shows? You have 3 hours to fill, increase the depth of your tag division by having at least two or three tag matches per show. If you don’t care about the wrestlers, how are fans meant to invest in them if they’re seen as no big deal.

3: Lose the specialty matches and theme PPV events.

Lets say you have favourite type of ice cream and some one brings you one bowl after a hard day of work. You eat it and you enjoy it as you should. But then every month that person brings you a new bowl of ice cream every month for you to eat. After all you’d either grow sick of it or you lose any enjoyment you felt while eating it. The WWE have theme PPV events and they need to go because they are destroying the concept of specialty matches. The reason they are special is because they don’t get used all that often. Hell in Cell used to be grand event, now it’s a yearly spectacle of diminishing returns. How are the fans meant to get excited about a match if they’ve seem a variation on it before? There can only be so many TLC matches before fans don’t even care. A specialty match should feel organic and be the conclusion to the feud, not just a place holder.

The fact is the WWE won’t change because they’re too close to the problem, or there are too many yahoos like myself offering conflicting advice. I do hope the product gets better, and who knows, maybe it will.


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