G.I.Joe X Streetfighter is the book we deserve.

G.I.Joe Crossovers

So is anyone surprised that G.I.Joe is getting a crossover with Street Fighter? I know I am, but mostly because G.I.Joe is a little difficult to have a cross over with. See the problem with G.I.Joe is that’s grounded to a certain degree depending on the comic. For example The original 1-155 issues of Larry Hama’s Joe tales features mutant plant spores, a man who either has chameleon DNA or placed hologram projectors into his suit, a living clone of the worlds greatest leaders, robot troops and they even went to space to destroy an asteroid. Check Dixon’s take dealt with a Zartan who was a shape shifter and a teleportation machine. Okay so it’s not that grounded, but it’s grounded in the sense that the world is a contemporary world, and superpowers or aliens showing up is some thing that wouldn’t happen at all.


My point is, when you’re story is about an elite military fighting force, it doesn’t really lend itself to other franchises. If say Cobra were to team up with Hydra for example, then all the Joes would need to do is call in the Avengers, or what ever super hero group are around that afternoon to clean it up. Like wise, putting a person with superpowers amongst the Joes would just show them up. Why would you need a team of elite soldiers when one yahoo in a flying tank can just blast the enemy into submission?

The Transformers crossovers work mostly because you need both the Autobots and Decepitcons to cancel each other out. Plus think of the amazing toys you could have. Autobots transforming into G.I.Joe vehicles should be a marketers dream, and the fact that it hasn’t happened yet is quite frankly disappointing. So far to my knowledge, the only thing we’ve gotten so far is a tank that looks like the Decepticon Shockwave, which was an SDCC exclusive figure I believe.

So news of a crossover with Street Fighter has me excited, mostly because it’s one of the few crossovers that can actually work. An interview with a the writer over at Comicsalliance has it staged as a 16 person fighting tournament, with 7 Joe/Cobra agents against 9 Street Fighters, set up by M. Bison and Destro for some reason. Really though do we need to say more? Honestly, while I knew some of the Street Fighters mentioned, some were completely new to me. The fact is, this has me intrigued, if only for the fact that it’s some thing the Joes haven’t done before. Oh sure they’ve been part of company tie ins before, but a cross over with another property other than Transformers is pretty rare. They did have Street Fighter G.I.Joe figures at one point, back when Hasbro gave us “Ninja Force” but this will be the first comic crossover. Plus the idea of Snake Eyes taken a sonic boom from Guile would be delightful to see.

8 Bit guile cover

G.I.Joe X Street Fighter is published by IDW, written by Aubrey Sitterson and will be out in February 2016 with the accompanying video game hopefully out when people realize that it’s the only street fighter game I’ll even buy.


2 thoughts on “G.I.Joe X Streetfighter is the book we deserve.

  1. Great article. The Joes need more attention and it seems like a good ol’ friend came to help lift up a bit the franchise. As a personal view, I tend to believe that with many “big guys” and ninjas, one of the few brands that’d fit with SF in the right hands of course.

    And that Danger Girl crossover was one interesting piece.


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