A calm and measure response for the airing of grievances is preferred.

Trigger Warnings

When David Bowie passed away the band Smash Mouth released their cover version of the song “Under Pressure” that David Bowie had co written with Queen. The original is a classic song by all rights, and the decision by Smash Mouth to cover it is a head scratcher. The only way a remake or cover should occur is if the person, band, director etc can make it their own in a meaningful way. Shout 2000 by Disturbed is far edgier then the Tears for Fears and Gary Jules’s version of Mad World is far more haunting than the original. Much the same way Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt is an amazing song and just as good as the original. Is Smash mouth’s version a good cover? Well, I didn’t mind it, and I can see what they were trying to do, but it was as unnecessary as having three desserts. The worst part was a twitter user who tweeted that he’d wish Smash Mouth had died instead.

Even if it was a joke then it’s still in poor taste. When some one dies it effects multipile people, even famous people have families. It seems a day doesn’t go by without some one making a joke about a celebrity they don’t like dying. Those “If you give us 2-Pac we’ll give you Justin Bieber” is not only in poor taste, but a horrible mark on humanity. You’re not a fan? That’s okay, but there is no need to wish some one dead. Nothing is gained, even if it is a joke, you just come across as jerk. While some will say that any thing is fair game in comedy and it is to a degree, those kind of jokes are just horrible. What is even worse is when people choose to voice their displeasure with death threats.

Now lets be honest here, I’m not saying you can’t get angry at some thing, or express disappointment and fire off an angry letter to those who are responsible, but for goodness leave the threats of violence or wishes of ill will to the people out of it. I am honestly baffled by it. Do people generally think that it is an acceptable way to get their point of view across? I don’t like what you did or you ruined some thing for me so there for I want you dead is hardly an appropriate response. Do they think that people with power will disregard their plans if some whack job threatens to tear them a new one? That is not how you get your point across.

Sending a death threat, or threatening acts of violence does nothing to further your cause. Some time ago, it was reported that the current run of Bat-Woman, the Nu52 version wasn’t going to be marrying her female partner and that caused outrage among fans. Fair enough, because the story had been building towards that, except DC editorial put a kibosh on those plans. Again it’s their company and people were unhappy about that, but then editors were reporting they had been getting death threats in the mail. Again what was that meant to accomplish? No reasonable or sane person could possible think that sending threats is in any way a good idea. Even the writers , JH Willaims had to get involved and tell everyone to calm down.

Look by all means if you see some thing genuinely upsets you then take action, write a sternly worded letter to some one in charge. If you don’t like the direction a company is taking then get busy writing off sternly worded letters but for goodness sake leave any threats of violence or rape out of it. If you can not get your anger across without threats, then you need to sit down sleep on it and then write it. They have no place in today’s society at all.


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