Streetfighter X G.I.joe review

So the the biggest comics of February has finaly arrived. No, not Aveners the secret of Pleasant Hill or what ever it’s called (Although that is a cracking good tale) no silly, we finally have Streetfighter x G.I.joe arrive. The story itself is pretty sweet, with the reason the tournament is conceived is that Destro can have the ultimate weapon that can only be powered up by one on one fights. While it may not be the best story ever conceived, it does provide a fantastic back drop why they are fighting in the first place. The winner gets access to the weapon, but all things being comics, I suspect some one will cheat meaning the good guys have to team up to stop M. Bison and Destro.

The fights themselves are really cool,visually interesting and are really entertaining. Writher Aubrey Sitterson and artist Emilio Laiso   has exceeded my expections and delivered a ripping good read. The action is broken down into 4 fights for the first two issues, and features comedy gold. Roadblock some where things it’s appropreaite for him to use his 50 calibre machine gun in a martial arts tournament is a pretty funny. The fights never really as go as you think they would, and while you can sort of guess the overall outcome, half the fun is arriving at the end.

The book also features character profiles on the fighters involved and a quick recap for fights they couldn’t show you which is better left for you to read. It isn’t for everyone, and while it’s designed for mostly fans of either franchises, anyone can pick this up and enjoy it. Aubrey Sitterson has done a fantastic job in writing a book that is equal parts welcoming to newcomers as for diehard fans themselves, and if you’re a fan of fighting comics or either franchise then check it out.


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