Thoughts on Deadpool

Have you seen Deadpool yet? If you haven’t yet but you’ve seen the trailer, then congratulations you have seen the movie. Yes that’s the problem with trailers these days, they show you all the good bits and leave nothing to the imagination. I had the same problem with the Ant Man movie, which was still good, but because I had seen the trailer about 6 times, all the good parts were ruined for me. But that’s a rant for another day.

On the off chance anyone asks me what I want from a comic book movie, I’ll point to Deadpool and say “make it like that please” and dustoff my hands while they want for me to elaborate. See Deadpool is a fun movie, it’s very light, comedic and very forgettable. That’s not a knock on the movie itself, because it’s still a good movie, but it’s one that wont ever really stay with you, unlike say “Children of Men” or “Shoot ’em up” and that’s okay. But what makes Deadpool a great comic book movie is that it’s faithful to the characters it portrays.

The characters all act like they should from the comics, with Ryan Reynolds nailing Deadpool exactly how he should be, with TJ Miller spot on for Weasel. Even though some of them a bit one note it succeeds. Even better, it presents a whole new story for Deadpool, without rehashing anything old, which is the problem Watchmen had.

To me, the greatest adaptations take characters we all know and love and are able to use them in new and exciting ways while still remaining true to them overall. I don’t want to see another comic book story “faithfully” transferred to the big screen because I’ve already read it, which again is why Watchmen fails in my mind.

Deadpool has proved a success which means Hollywood has learned a valuable lesson with R rated comic books. Well be getting a whole lot more of them now, instead of well thought out movies. Deadpool succeeded because it was different to what came before it, and it was unique in the shining sea of comic book movies. If you’re idea is to produce dozens of wacky anti-hero movies with R ratings then you’ve missed the point of the movie. I don’t want or need an R rated version of G.I.Joe, such an idea scares me more the playing Resident Evil 4 in a darken room. If you start producing nothing but the same thing then we’re back to where we started, wanted for the next huge change up to save us from the glut of the same movies.

Deadpool was fun but flawed, and to try to copy that success will only lead to failure.


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