The Squrriel Girl/ Howard the Duck cross over is as brilliant as you think it is.

If some one were to go back in time and tell my 15 year old self that my top three favourite comics would be Howard the Duck, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and The New Avengers by Al Ewing I would’ve laughed in their face but the reality is this are some of the best books Marvel is putting out, and the best part is, the long awaited cross over between Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck is here and it is amazing.

A team up between the two seems like it’s some thing that should’ve happened ages ago due to both having a cult like status. I’ll be perfectly honest in admitting that both titles are an acquired taste, with Squrriel Girl forgoing the “talky punchy” modern aspects of comics in favour of awesome jokes and the power of friendship over coming much of her problems then say, bashing some ones face in with a shield. It’s not very violent is what I’m trying to say and for good reason. The message is if we sat down and talked about our problems then the world could be a nicer place. Half the time Squrriel Girl “wins” by helping the bad guy with what ever problem they have. It’s a delightful message, one that I’m guessing would give Garth Ennis a stroke if he read it.

Howard the Duck is again is a very acquired taste due to the fact that he is a talking duck that is generally tolerated by most of the Marvel Universe and out right loathed by other heroes. The character itself is a very ahrd sell because he is a three foot tall talking duck that can’t really be slotted into a team books, unless he’s the annoying one and right now that role falls to Deadpool har har har. Howard does have a lot of heart and every man feel about him. He’s a duck who is trying his best to get by in a world that ridicules and fears him, despite the fact he’s about as threatening as being mobbed by a group of ducklings.

So the crossover then, is it any good? Short answer, yes. Long answer, hell yes it is and you should go out and buy every copy you can find. The cross over is written by Ryan North and Chip Zdarsky on writing duties and Erica Henderson as the always amazing artist. I’ll try not to spoil the plot too much, but if you are already reading either title, then you know how bonkers the titles are by comparison. The story kicks off with Howard stealing Squirrel Girl’s room mates cat Mew thinking it’s the cat he is looking for, before being stopped by Squirrel Girl. Howard is then kidnapped or I guess duck-napped (har har) by Kraven the Hunter who shows up with an air brushed van with artwork that is almost worth the price of the issue alone. From there a number of great gags happen included is the debut of weapon II, a squirrel version of Wolverine and some truly outstanding art work which makes it seem like Squrriel Girl is crashing through panels not just the floor.

If you’re looking for a great, light hearted read with a comic that is full of heart, humour and great moments that you can share with kids then you could do a heck of a lot worse then checking out this Squirrel Girl number 6. The conclusion to this cross over will be in Howard the Duck number 6 coming out later this month.


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