Why you should read the New Avengers by Al Ewing

Is it just me or are comic books starting to become fun again? I know, fun never went away but it seems like now, more then ever books are starting to be the escapist fantasy we’ve always wanted them to be and not the serious books dealing with series issues they turned into for a small period. But it seems fun is coming back and leading the charge is Al Ewing.

Okay I’m kidding obviously, comics have always been about fun and will forever be fun, no matter how many times people insist that Batman has to be dark and moody to work. But I digress. The New Avengers as written by Al Ewing was a bit of a dark horse for me. I was some what sold on the line with Songbird and Squirrel Girl getting to be actual avengers, Hawkeye was always okay to me nothing great and the rest of the line up was pretty much unknown to me. The Avengers special where the Squadrn Surpreme had a look at the other avenger teams didn’t help much, as it it didn’t quite sell the idea to me. But the book has surprised me by how good really is and how enjoyable I am finding it.

Part of the appeal I guess is the bonkers premise of the book. Roberto DeCosta aka the mutant Sunspot brought out the villainous group A.I.M. and has a group of Avengers there who act as heroes of the world, an international rescue if you will. They’re tolerated by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hawkeye works with them as their Shield liaison, making sure they don’t step out of line. It’s the sort of book Avengers World tried to be when it was around, focusing on a smaller and often forgotten about Avengers that were apart of the Hickman line up.

Apart from Songbird, Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl, there is Wiccan, Hulking, White Tiger and Power-Man and Pod, and to explain the story behind Pod would take a while, so I’ll just link her wiki page here, that is if she had one. For me it’s the characters that make the book, as while they’re not the Avengers that come to mind, they are well rounded and likeable and the villain, or at least the main one is Ultimate Reed Richards as the leader of a group called W.H.I.S.P.E.R. whose acronym I can’t be bothered to type out, but it’s a pretty good backranym.

The book for me has charm, heart and is fun, which in this day and age of dark and gloomy event books about the end of the world, is a refreshing welcome. It’s a light hearted book focusing on the B and C list heroes that are given a chance to shine in a book that is a great read with great artwork. Check it out if you’re looking for some thing different, plus how can you not like a book that features the American Kajiu, a monster that has a US flag tattoo on his forehead.


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