Why we’ll never get a Moon Knight TV series (even though it would be amazing)

So stop me if you’ve heard this pitch before. A millionaire decides to fight crime using his wealth and using various skills his learnt over the years becomes vigilante and decides to exact renvange on those who harm innocent people. He uses his wealth to buy a series of weapons based around a particular theme and then uses said items to beat up criminals. Yes I’m talking about Moon Knight, the Marvel character every one claims is a rip off of Batman.As great as he is, and he is pretty rad, there won’t really ever be a TV series dedicated to him which is a bit of a shame.

For those of you don’t like wikipiedia, Moon Knight is Marc Spector and he is basically a more brutal version of Batman. He’s back story though is a little convoluted, even for comics. He was a mercenary in Egypt when he was betrayed and killed inside the temple of Khonsu, the Egyptian moon God. Marc Spector is then resurrected and he becomes Moon Knight, the protector of those who travel at night and uses several moon themed weapons, crescent darts for example and beats people up. He’s been an avenger with the west coast branch, a secret avenger but his individual titles are a harder sell.

His solo titles don’t really last too long perhaps because of the murky subject matter. Modern Moon Knight has dissociative identity disorder which basically means we’re reading a comic about a mentally ill person violently beating up criminals. He’s portrayal as crazy is one of the main reasons he is compelling though, because it’s never made clear if it’s all in his head or if it’s all real. Which, if we’re talking about the Marvel universe with actual Norse Gods, Greek Gods and all powerful wizards, then the idea of an Egyptian God having an avatar of Justice isn’t that much of stretch. But again the way it is portrayed is that it’s unknown to the reader, because the main narrator is unreliable in this case.

If you do want to check out the character, start with Volume 5 with the first volume by Warren Ellis, which is a master class of done in one stories and introduces a new costume and I guess personality to Moon Knight. In it, he was a pure white suit and assists people as a some what unlicensed private detective. Brain Wood and Cullen Bunn continue this thread and offer up some amazing stories using the character, often giving us stories that other comics can’t really give us. It Forgoes any sense of over arching plot and instead gives us brillant tight stories that are a treat to read. The newer series by Jeff Lemire explores the mental state of Moon Knight in further depth, which is out now and you should check it out.

Moon Knight would never really work as a TV character, because we are basically enabling a mentally ill person beating up criminals who worships a God that may not really exist. He’s a perfect character for comics but he is a bridge to far for a TV audience. Then again, if you’d of told me five years ago that one of the hottest comic book shows was based on the Green Arrow I would’ve laughed at you while swaggering off to play Gears of War 2, so really what do I know?


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