Civil War vs Civil War: Comic vs Movie. Spoilers ahoy

So Avengers 2.5, sorry Captain America Civil War came out a few weeks ago and I have to say it’s a pretty damn good movie and a better version of the event then the comic it is based on. Though when you have about 10 years to figure out what works and what doesn’t for the movie, if it doens’t improve on certain things, then you’re not doing your job very well. I’ll be talking about the biggest changes that I saw between the comic and the event.

1: Ironman is reasonable in the movie. One of the biggest changes is that Iron Man in the movie is more level headed, which is perhaps one of most the important changes from the book. Comic book Iron Man is a facist, throwing people who don’t agree with him into a super max prision in another dimension andconscripting dangerous super villains like Venom into hunting down super heroes who refuse to register. It kind of makes him a character that is uneasy to side with. What ever points he makes are null and voided because how he acts.

The Movie version is more level headed and basically spend the entire movie imploring Rogers to sign the accord, even going so far as to back dating the signing to make his actions in the movie legal. He gives Steve, Falcon and the others every chance to surrender and sign, and they only start fighting when they exhaust all other moves.

2: There are no major deaths. One of the draws of comic events is finding out who will die. The comic version of Civil War had Goliath die via a lighting blast from a clone of Thor. The movie though, has no one dying. This to me, at least works better. That’s not to say the fights are any less brutal, there are scenes were various heroes walk around and have welts and bruises on their faces to show the price of a super hero smack down is a shiner. Crossbones does in fact die early on, which is a shame to me as I do like the character, but without the Red Skull, he is sort of a nothing character, and only really works when he is playing as the muscle for a big bad.

3: It’s a treatise about the cost of revenge and consequences of your actions. The comic never really deals with these themes, which isn’t really a complaint, but the movie covers these themes, in a really great way. The idea that super heroes running unchecked is a bad idea, everyone agrees to that, but it’s in the details that stops everyone from agreeing. More importantly, the entire movie is a treatise on how grief can affect people differently. Black Panther and Zemo attempt to kill other people out of revenge because they can not separate their need for justice and their need for revenge. Even Iron Man, who has been trying to over come the trauma losing his parents at such a young age, can not over come the need for clear and rationale thinking in a time of great stress.

The comic version isn’t bad at all. It’s quite good and is perhaps the most reader friendly Mark Miller has been. The movie works, because it was able to take the nature progression of the characters in the cinematic universe and create a great story based off the comic book version of the story. It is, in my opinion the best adaptation we could’ve asked for. Taking what works and what doesn’t work and creating a fantastic movie.


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