G.I.Joe vs Aliens and or Predators.

Having read the recent release of the DC/ Aliens collected edition, the one that contains the Batman/ Aliens crossover, which consists of both volume one and two and the so-so Superman/Batman Vs. Predators/Aliens and the Wild C.A.T.s/ Aliens part as well made me think about if the G.I.Joe franchise could mix it up with the Aliens and Preadtors, and after having to think about it for about 5 minutes, I came back with a “hell yeah they could work” and picked up my phone to pitch my idea to Larry Hama.

G.I.Joe has always been leaning towards the sci-fi side of the literature spectrum whether anyone really wants to admit it or not. It does make sense, and while the book has rarely gone “full sci fi” the idea of cyborg ninja and clonning makes it come pretty close. If I were tasked on writing the crossovers, here’s how I would do it. Firstly, I’d separate them into two camps. Conventional logic dictates that Cobra would be trying to harness the Aliens while the Joes are hunted by the Predators. However, since the idea of some one trying to control the Aliens has been done to death and the idea of Joes versus Predators is basically the comic version of the movie Predator, you can see my reluctance on rehashing those stories.

So with that said, I’d pair the Joes with the Aliens, and us the forgotten toy line “Star Brigade” as the main protagonists of the series. Star Brigade didn’t really have much screen time, with only a handful of appearances from 146-148 of the original Marvel run. Even worse, they fought against robots on an asteroid that was headed on a collusion course to Earth. The robots were put there by a rogue Soviet scientist who wanted to use the asteroid to wipe out all human life. The G.I.Joe comics from 119 onwards were rather weird indeed.

Anyway so the story would be an out of continuity tale where Star Brigade go into space and enter a derelict ship that is passing by Earth, The 8 person crew discover the presence of Aliens and then all hell breaks loose. Because it’s an out of continuity story, it frees up characters to be killed, which is bad news for all the ozone fans out there, but it would add to the idea that no one is safe.

That leaves as with Cobra and the Predators, which would also be an out of continuity tale which takes place on Cobra Island during the civil war. But the difference is is that there isn’t any fighting going on yet, just a Mexican stand off of sorts. Cobra Commander will have the Baroness, Zartan and Storm Shadow and the other side will have Serpentor, Croc Master, Dr Mindbender and Firefly. Tensions are high on the island when a Predator drops down on the island and kicks off the civil war by accident, by killing some of Cobra Commander’s solders and then spends the next couple of issues dodging fire while collecting trophies. Both Cobra forces combine and manage to kill it before the Joe show up and arrest everyone, but not before we get to see Croc Master take a plasma bolt to the chest.

So that’s my take on what would happen with the next logical crossovers. Tune in next week where I’ll pitch the long await Back to the Future/ Transformers crossover idea.


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