Wild Blue Yonder: Comics to film/ Random Brain Dead thoughts

Wild Blue Yonder was a comic produced from IDW that was difficult to love. Numerous delays diminished what ever impact the book would’ve had, because it’s hard to like a book when it takes 3-4 months to produce any issues. In fact I had it one my pull lists and I didn’t even know it was completed until I picked up the trade some time ago, which is a shame because the book was rather strong, and quite cinematic. Wild Blue Yonder is set in an apocalyptic world in which the world is dying and people retreated up into the skies, flying around on barges hunting down the one solar powered ship that never needs to refuel and thus can stay afloat indefinitely, called “The Dawn”.

The book, by creators Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison has a lot of heart and is quite cinematic with its lush back grounds, which would make for a great setting for a movie. The characters are a little one dimensional, but they at least feel like real people. The plot has The Dawn on the run from various sky pirates most notably “The Executioner ” and it’s commander the Judge, a hard ass who is determine to capture his prize. Think of it as Moby Dick in the future, with the white whale replaced with a solar powered airship and you’re half way there.

The action is intense and thrilling, with jet fighters dog fighting other fighters while people wearing Jet Packs are trying to stop the enemy fighters. Is it the most Original idea anyone has ever had? Depends. Most ideas have already been done, and thus is different enough to make things interesting. It has a good premise, good characters and strong action. It’ll be a movie I’d check out.

Brain dead is currently airing right now and I have to say it’s a perplexing show. It’s about a group of senators in the US who have been had their brains taken over by an alien species, and so far, only a handful of people know what the problem is. On one side I have to give them credit for trying some thing new. It’s a drama that isn’t about hospitals or police and it can be interesting to watch some times. But that said, it’s not funny enough to be a comedy and not scary enough to be a horror. It’s a show that doesn’t quite understand what it wants t be. But hey, the episode re-cap is a folksy song so that is pretty cool.It gets props for being different, which helps it stands out. But until it’s sure what it wants to be, it will always struggle.


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