An idea for the G.I.Joe video game we deserve.

I think we can all agree I’d have a better chance of getting Emily Browning to have a chai latte with me then being asked to consult on a G.I.Joe video games, because as much as I claim to be the foremost G.I.Joeologist in the world, G.I.Joe is about as popular these day as Nickleback. Sure you’ll get people who’ll enjoy it, but they wouldn’t call themselves a fan. Considering the best G.I.Joe video game we have right now is a tap game where Snake Eyes beats up red ninjas who throw themselves at him, it’s time as fans to say we demand better.

While the most popular idea would be a Snake Eyes third person hack and slash game like the Deadpool video game that came out some years the idea of havong a silent commando soldier who is also ninja trained be the focal point of your game is a great idea on paper but an interesting story it doesn’t really make. I mean the only sick burns that Snakes Eyes can give is with a flame thrower, which now that I think about it, would be kind of cool. No, the game we want would be an FPS in the vain of Call of Duty.

Before you roll your eyes so hard they fall out of their sockets at the mere mention of Call of Duty, the series had at one point been known for it’s combination of exciting set pieces and for having a good story mode. Modern Warfare 1 for example was a high point in the series for example, having exciting set pieces that didn’t betray a narative. The question is, who shall the game be about and the answer to that is Mercer. For those who don’t know, and judging by G.I.Joe’s popularity means there is a lot of you, Mercer is the only Cobra agent to join the G.I.Joe field team, and while had hadn’t shown up in the Marvel/IDW main book, his presence has been felt in other books and cartoons.

Mercer is the best place to start with regards to story telling, because you can frame it as a story of redemption. The first 5 or so missions would be Mercer working along side say, Major Blood, Blacklight and Firefly, while catching glimpses of Baroness, Destro, Zartan and Cobra Commander. He’d start off as an angry young man who joined Cobra to make a difference in the world, and over the first couple of missions he rises in rank and responsibilities before being asked to stage a war crime and refusing. He’s arrested and comes to the aid of the G.I.Joe soldier Stalker, who is rescued by Scarlett and Snake Eyes and asks to come with them, explaining he knows the layout of the base.

He then asks to work with the Joes, not only as an informant but wants to go on missions with them to prove he’s left Cobra and to cripple them for turning him into a monster. These would take the from of hunting down former Cobra operatives while they’re on their own missions or acts of sabotage, such as destroying Terror Dromes etc. Over the course of the remaining missions you get cameos from famous joes such as Shipwreck, Roadblock and fight along side them while redeeming yourself in your own eyes before becoming a fully fledged member of the Joe team.

The Muliplayer would be fairly robust, with an option of using levels based off classic G.I.Joe locals, such as Castle Destro, The Pitt, either 1,2 or 3 the silent Castle etc. Character skins could be unlocked as you progress up and the DLC practically writes itself. If we are going to get an engaging G.I.Joe game, we could do a lot worse then the idea I’ve put forward. Just as long as it’s not another Battleground, thing could hardly be called a game.


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