Marvel Avengers Alliance is shutting down

So the big news if you followed the facebook game of Marvel’s Avengers Alliance is that it’ll be shutting down at the end of September. If you haven’t played the game then it’s no big deal because such things happen all the time, but for me it’s a pretty big deal because I’d been playing it since it started four years ago. To be honest this did shock me, because after 4 years I had spent a lot of time on this game, but to be perfectly honest and looking back I’m not that surprised that it is ending now.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you had a list of Heroes and villains you could purchase and use in missions of turn based combat, which I always enjoy. The idea of people waiting for their turn to attack while getting punched amuses me. They had chapters with 6 missions in them, and each mission had a series of tasks to complete. Season 2 was where the most fun was at, with heroic battles and incursion and interesting villains to fight against. There would also be some PvP tournaments to win new heroes and Specail Operations to unlock new heroes. The game was stacked with features.

But again perhaps that might have been the problem. The chapters were where the real meat was, an over arching story weaving multiple comic themes together and it was great, but there would be months in which no new chapters would be released, which does hurt the momentum of the story. Delays do happen, but if it takes months to bring out the next chapter, then people will lose interest. PVP tournaments to win characters is all well and good, but with PvP being between two camps of people, those willing to spend money and those who aren’t, you can see why some aren’t that excited about it. Spec Ops are fine, but there was also a certain pressure to unlock them and they also felt a bit like a band aid to the overall problem. Plus the old chest nut that it isn’t really welcoming to new players who didn’t want to spend money was also true.

The game itself was fine, but nothing memorable and I honestly just had it on the back ground as I surfed the internet on my PC. But as shocked as I was that it was ending, I couldn’t say I was surprised. The game had run it’s course, and as I said with my Batman review that none of you read so I’ll repeat it here, after you feature the end of the world as your main story point, where do you go from there? And with half the Marvel U already appearing, there were very little heroes you could feature that people would want to play as. I mean personally, Machine Man Aaron Stack appearing would’ve been great, as would have MACH X but considering Machine Man is a niche character, I’m not surprised he didn’t make the cut.

While we could bemoan the fact it’s ending, the honest truth is I got four years out a game I didn’t have to pay one cent to play and honestly that was a great deal. Am I sad the game is finishing up? Of course, but I honestly think this is the best time to end it. Things can’t go on forever and it’s time to move on. So thank Marvel Avengers Alliance Developers for giving me 4 years of fun, frustration and the ability to fight alongside my favourite heroes.